For the Colony!!

As previously said in my other blog on gaming system, I opine that all games must follow three rules. The story must engage the player emotionally, the content must be challenging yet not frustrating and finally the form of the game must be intuitive to the player such that the learning curve does not deter them from the game.

So for this blog, as far as games as concerned, I will keep the format of Story, Content and Form.

Story : In the far away Kingdom of Riast, a new mineral has been discovered called Crusiaum. Crusiaum, in its raw form, is a black, coal-like ore that can be found not far deep down the earth. However, once it has been processed, it becomes a dark purple crystal of varying size. More importantly, it has the ability to channel and store energy from the environment, to be released once invoked. The magical guilds of Riast sought Crusiaum to empower its cantrips and spells for it can store powers beyond the limits of the human body. The mechanical guilds sought to power its machineries with Crusiaum as it is a never-ending renewable source. Unlimited possibilities springs forth from the discovery of this wondrous mineral.  However, the source of Crusiaum is found deep in the forest of Dialips, far beyond the borders of Riast, into the unexplored regions where the untamed lay. It is up to you, as an aspiring pioneer and adventurer to capitalize on this new opportunity and make a mark for yourself!

Content : The game starts on the map, where the player explores the forest of Dialips, seeking the Crusiaum mine. Once the initial source of Crusiaum is found, the player will be brought into the smaller area around the mine where he may design his base camp, starting with a few houses and the Crusiaum mine. This will be the start of his mine colony. Initially, the mining colony will depend on Riast Kingdom for food and equipment. The colony will develop as the player progresses in wealth and knowledge, depending of the paths which he chooses. Soon, the player will be in charge of a thriving colony with farms, blacksmiths, taverns and even a church, laboratory or a magic tower!

Content : He also starts with up to 4 characters which he controls as part of his expedition. They will be just miners with random stats in the beginning. As these companions encounter challenges in the forests in the form of monsters or trials, they will start to develop skills critical for survival in Dialips. As the colony becomes more successful, more colonists will join the camp and some will specialize as defenders and adventurers while others continue on to support the colony as farmers, miners and craftsmen.

Story : Soon, the pioneers will realize that they are not alone in the exploitation of Crusiaum. Monsters will continue to harass the colony and defenses will have to be erected against them. Rival colonies will spring in nearby Crusiaum mines waiting for a chance to take over the player’s mine if they show signs of weakness. Bandits will also waylaid the caravan of Crusiaum on their way back to Riast if the caravans are not carefully guard.

Form : In combat mode, I much prefer a turn-based combat style where strategies using the various advantages and disadvantages of the unit involved can be played out, much like chess. Placement of units and obstacles should play an important role as terrain may decide the victor of the combat.

Well, I guess this should be enough for a start and I should stop first even though ideas are streaming from my mind and I may not express what is in my mind clearly enough. However, the story should not stop just here.

Story : Soon the player will realize that as he explores further into the Dialips forest, the origins of the monsters traces back to Crusiaum and as he digs more into  the source, the larger the monsters become…. Muhahaha…


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